URL Contructor Tool

Jun 20, 2023

Construct URLs with recursive parameters,

  1. Enter a URL.
  2. Add query parameters.
  3. If the parameter value is a valid URL, you’ll be able to add params to it.
  4. If you enter a URL that already has some params, you can parse it.

Loading URL tool...

In my work, sometimes I need to construct complicated URLs with multiple parameters, and those parameters can be URLs with their own parameters. There’s not really a lot of tools to support this, so I usually have to do the encoding and formatting manually.

Since it seems easy enough to implement, I decided to create one as a post here. I also added a few helpful features.

Opening as URL

In mobile, copy-pasting the URL in the browser and clicking a link can have different behavior, depending on which app is registered. So I added a link to test this case.

Generating QR Code

Another common case is to generate QR code for a URL, to easily open it in a mobile device.

Sharing a URL to this Page

Sometimes you intend for other people to open the URL. In that case, you can share a link to this page.